About us

🧡Happy Sunrise Lovesan (formerly Tina Nordlund).

Early age Happy Sunrise did many Sports. Hockey, Basketball, Bandy, floorball, volleyboll and Golf (hcp 18) when older. The loved sports and still does.

Happy has played soccer in the Swedish women’s national team and was the winner of the Diamond ball as Sweden´s best football player.

After The Olympics in Sydney she got sleeping problems and got injured and has to quit her carrier to take care of herself.

After years in therapy, time and recovering she slowly began to build up herself. She could begin a life at a more healed inner plattform.

Since 2009 she contribute as a Yogateacher and life coach for groups and individuals and first she created worldsoccerfriends which now is Happy sports.

💜 Olympic games
💜 World Cup
💜 European cup ( silver medal)
💜 Champions leauge winner with her team Umeå IK
💜 Winner of The Swedish leauge with her team Umeå IK
💜 Swedens best player year 2000.              💚 Wrote a book together with Simon Bank, about her eatingdesorders, soccer and love.

💙Been working as an football expert for TV and as a journalist at a newspaper.

🧡 International certified yoga teacher.   

🧡 Breathwalk teacher. 

🧡 Children yogateacher

🧡Deep relaxation for recovering educated🧡Non violent communication educated.    🧡NLP educated.                                              🧡Rawfood life educated.                               🧡Participacated in two research projects as a yogateacher. Researchs about the effect of yoga at stress for children and young adults.

💛Janne Lovesan has played floorball and football at elithelevel. He did one season in England as professional player and he has been a coach in the highest Swedish women´s football league for six years. He has worked with soccer for over twenty years and also with youths in the school world with various health projects. He has led health processes for businesses, are trained sports teacher, have a bachelor´s degree in sports and are educated in Chinese medicine. He is also a Raw Life Educator which includes Raw Food and clean nutricion. And hes a Soccer Developer. He wants to contribute with his experience and knowledge as a coach/leader of children and young people with a focus on the development. Janne wants to contribute to a healthy sport world, without exclusion and with health and joy in focus as a complement to competitive Sports.