World Soccerfriends

The core in World Soccerfriends is to support children to do Sports in a Happy, Healthy, Friendly and Developing way.

We use the ball and do excercises for friendship, development and strenghten the person and the group. ItΒ΄s an Oasis in the performance society and we care about the Child, leaders, employers and parents. Happy Sports also support an Vegan, Gluten free, Sugar free diet and care about the climate.Β 

The first World Soccerfriends group was held in Stockholm 2015. Since then we have been running groups around Europe and met children and parents from all over The world. Thanks a lot to all of you we have met so far. 2019 the activity expanded and became Happy Sports.

– The activity today is for children and young adults. Including leaders and parents. The more Happy, healthy, wellbeing children the better for all, The more Happy, healthy amd wellbeing people around the children the better for the Child.

The concept suits all kind of Sports because we focusΒ  on learning and develoment.

πŸ’š How?

πŸ’š 30 – 45 minutes sessions with a special focus.

πŸ’š Relaxing, balance, tecnical moments with The ball.

πŸ’š Free from competition, judgement and exclusion.

πŸ’š Children can develop and have fun in their own space and at their own pace.

πŸ’š Without individually comparison, only focus on them selves and contact.

πŸ’š Boys, girls, disabled and all nationalities can be combined in the same group with mixed ages.

πŸ’š Small groups so every child / young adults can be seen, heard and can express their feelings and needs.

πŸ’š Conscious effective exercises for body awareness, coordination, self-confidience and self-esteem.

πŸ’š Exercises which strengthen the connection between both cerebral hemispheres.

πŸ’š Focus on joy, play, development rather then performence.

πŸ’š We practice breathing and awareness.

πŸ’š Excercises to be more alert, centered and focused.

πŸ’š We do the sessions barefoot on the sand as often as we can, which stimulate balance, the foot and postural muscles.

πŸ’šWe support a suger free and gluten free vegan diet.

πŸ’š Uniqe programs for performance in balance & be your own coach.

πŸ’š Videos, so parents and children can do sessions together and young adults can practice at home or with friends.

πŸ’š We support Non Violent Communication.

πŸ’š We act for unity and friendship and every child and young adults needs.

πŸ’™ “Be your own coach” material. Click here

πŸ’™ “PerformΒ  in balance” Material Click here

πŸ’™Breathing voicefile for recovering and relaxation. Click here

πŸ’™ Relaxing voicefile Click here

πŸ’™ Basic Yoga video Click here

πŸ’™ Basic Work out video Click here