Wherever you live in the world.

A two days on-line education in the world Soccerfriends Concept. As a World Soccerfriends leader you are certificated, have the knowledge, experiences and tools to run your own Groups. And you have The right to give The materials, voicefiles and movie to your members.

The education includes:

  • Background. Lecture, Why the activity is unique and so important.
  • How to built world Soccerfriends sessions for different ages.
  • The movie “Gain your brain”
  • Special Breathing excercises for children.
  • “Power of your breath” voicefile
  • “Relax” voicefile
  • “Be your own coach” material
  • “Performe in balance” material
  • Empathic communication
  • Lecture “Brain and Heart food” includes material.