With Love, health and happiness

🧑Intro + video 1 for 2-4 years, 35 minutes.

🧑Intro + video 1 for 4-6 years, 35 minutes.

🧑Intro + video 1 for 6-10 years, 45 minutes.

🧑Intro + video 1 for 10-15 years, 45 minutes.

🧑Intro + video 1 for 15 – years, 45 minutes.

πŸ’š “The Power of your breath” Voicefile

For Energy & Recovery. The mind follows The breath, The key to Controlling The mind is Controlling The breath. Guided voicefile for mental and fysical recovering and more lungkapacity. 15 minutes voicefile.

  • Controlling The moods.
  • Developing concentration.
  • Cleanses The blood.
  • Balance The parasymphatic & sympathic nervoussystem.
  • Increases oxogyn intake.
  • Speeds up The physical and emotional healing process

πŸ’š “Basic yoga” video 75 minutes.

For a stronger and more healthy back. Including introduction. Even for beginners. 75 minutes. From 15 years.

πŸ’š “Grounded work out” Video, 20 minutes

  • Effective Work out with your own Body for important muscles. From 15 years.

πŸ’š “Healthy Posture” video 10 minutes.

Its very important how we Sit, stand walk to keep us healthy, strong, awake and energiezed.

  • How can we Sit, Stand, Walk in a energiezed way.
  • How The posture effects Self-esteem and self-confidence.
  • How we can avoid put pressure to our neck and heart.

πŸ’š Yoga for women. Video 70 minutes.

A class specially designed for womens hormonsystem and ovaries. 75 min.

  • Yoga helps you let go of The past, be more present and looking forward with Joy.
  • Yoga helps many be more flexible, Calm, Sleep better, and feel more joy
  • Excercises
  • Relaxing
  • Meditation

πŸ’š “Relax” Voicefile

The ability to Relax is essential for physical and mental wellbeing. Voicefile, 20 minutes guided bodyrelaxing.

  • Rejuvenating your parasymphatic nervoussystem.
  • Encreasing bodyawareness
  • Release hold emotions.

πŸ’š 3 effective excercises. Movie, 10 minutes.

  • Headace
  • Calm your mind
  • Afternoon tiredness

πŸ’š “Breathwalk” Video, 60 minutes.

  • Synchronize your breath with your step.

πŸ’› “Be your own coach” Material.

Six important parts for develop substainable and in balance:

  • The mental ability.
  • The physical ability.
  • The abillity to manage the special parts in your area you chosen.
  • The ability to recover.
  • The ability to be a team player. 
  • The ability to be your own coach.

πŸ’› “Performe in balance” Material.

Many of us loves our work or are “high Performence minded” . Thats a quality, when we can use it not be used of it. Can we do it in more balance and be even more effective and also stay Healthy and happy?

  • Helps you find out what you want and why.
  • Guide to Performe in balance

πŸ’› Heart & Brain Food” Movie 20 minutes.

Food for the immunesystem and energybalance – We know that approximately 80% of our immune system is located in the intestines. We also know it is important to eat nutritious food.

  • 20 tip how you can support your body to be healthy, your brain to be alert and your heart to be strong and happy.
  • 5 special tip for vegans.