WORLD SOCCERFRIENDS Football without competition. An oasis in the performance society

From participating in Olympic games and coaching on elite level, we now combine our passion for playing with the ball with contributing for children`s physical and mental health, peace and a united world.

If you are watching young children play you see a lot of passion, awareness, curiosity and will to disvover and learn. A will to learn with a source of love deep within themselves. When the children get older in todays performance society they start to be judged and compared in schools, sports or other activities.

We believe that comparission, competition, exclusion, “Us versus them-moments” and stress is decreasing the children´s learning, development and health. And therefore we believe that children are in a need of a competition free oasis where they can develop in their own way and pace. That is one of the reasons why we have started World Soccerfriends for children´s mental and physical health. We believe that children of today want to learn, develop, have fun and interact with others on a friendly way. And we want them to feel unity with all people independent of nationality, sex and age, so we mix girls, boys, disableds in different ages in the same group. The children play with each other instead of aginst each other and practise among other things team work and leadership.

We want to contribute to a more friendly and united world so we do exercises that support this, we offer activities for people all around the world to connect and educate leaders, parents, teachers and pre-school teachers both physically and on-line. We think the ball is a fabiulous tool to use, both for children and for adults. Everyone can easy play with the ball and it can be used on your own and together with others. The ball is a good tool for among other things practise focus, bodyawareness, contact and team work.

Studies has shown that movements and breathing activates important parts of the brain. Parts that are important for devolpment, handle feelings and thougths and the self-esteem. But it is not just to move and breath it is about how you do it. In World Soccerfriends we also try to activate both the left and the right hemisphere. World Soccerfriends is activities for children and young adults.

From 12 years we offer a specific World Soccerfriends activitiy for girls and women. Just because men and women are different and we want to strenghten the girls and young women and care for the qualities the female has. We also want to contribute to parents health and include yoga movies, Grounded movies (effective and short physical training) and a Self-reflection material for them. What we are eating makes a big difference and the children are dependent of parents awareness due to food. Thats why we offer energy rich healthy snacks without raffinated sugar, gluten, cow milk and eggs after every session. And give parents recepies of healthy snack and smoothies.

We meet and practice

  • Body awareness
  • Balance
  • Everyone’s equal value
  • Presence
  • Technique
  • Self-confidence
  • Breathing
  • Movement freedom
  • Communication 
  • Self-esteem
  • Leadership
  • Express feelings and needs
  • Managing feelings and thoughts
  • Focus
  • Team work
  • Internal security
  • Creativity
  • Being brave


For notification use this contact side or send an e-mail at united@ Please write the children’s name, age and if they have some food allergy. And write your name and telephone number.


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